Privacy Policy

When completing the enquiry form to send a message to the band, the following will be adhered to:

1. By providing us with your email address, we will use this address to reply to any correspondance between the client and the band.

2. If requestig a quote, then all relevant details of the event (inc. date, location, times etc) will be shared with the rest of the band members prior to replying with a quote.

3. Only correspondance between the client's enquiry  and the band will be entered into. At no time will other information be sent out (inc. upcoming event details, promotional material, additional free dates etc) by the band unless explicitly requested as part of a reply to the band - such as instances where requested dates are unavailable and so the client asks which dates near the requested date may be free.

4. At no time will the band actively supply any details (name, event, email address etc) to a third party. The enquiry details (inc. any personal information) remain entirely between the band and the client.

5. Messages to the band are processed by Wix (the website client), and we have been assured by them that they are GDPR compliant. As such, information sent through the enquiry form should not be accessable by any third party.

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