smokin aces dreamboats & petticoats vintage rock n roll band kent
smokin aces dreamboats & petticoats vintage rock n roll band kent

What type of music do you play, and how long do you play for?

We're a Rock n Roll band, specialising in vintage 50s jukebox rock n roll, from Chuck Berry to Bill Haley, Elvis to Buddy Holly, Marty Wilde to Dion. We can play at a time to suit your event, standard prices are for 2 hours of live music, any time between 7pm and midnight, although this can be changed to 3x forty minute sets if it fits better with the arrangements for the event.

What types of events have you played, and are suitable for?

We've performed at hundreds of weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, festivals throughout Kent (where we're based) and club nights, and providing the client knows what music we specialise in and that is what is wanted, we're suitable for pretty much anything! As well as hundreds of private clients for a whole range of celebrations, other previous clients include: Santa Pod Raceway, Kent County Council, NHS, Warrs Harley Davidson and Cancer Research UK.

What time do you arrive and finish?

We are flexible based on the setup needs of your event, but there may be an additional cost if we are required to arrive earlier than 6pm. The band take approximately 45 minutes to set up and test the equipment and sound check, although this may be longer of there is an issue with loading in (such as access to the performance area, stairs etc). Finish time will depend on the number of live sets required, and also subject to your requirements and the entertainments license of the venue. depending on the size and set up of the performance area, access to power and ease of unloading into the venue. If you are organising a wedding or event where the evening reception is in the same room as your meal, we often arrive to set-up while the room is turned around - we can have background music playing within around 30 minutes of load in.

Can you/we play music between sets through your PA?

We always carry a laptop with DJ software full of vintage Rock n Roll or a choice of more up to date party and chart tracks to keep the dancing going between performances, and we're happy to do this, whether it's from one of our pre-selected playlists or for DJ'ing on the fly if requests are given. If you would rather have complete control of the music played when the band are not performing then they are also happy for you play your iPod through the PA system. The choice is entirely yours...

Do you have PAT certificates and Public Liability Insurance?

Yes, the band are fully PAT tested and carry the relevant public liability insurance. Certificates can be provided for venues on request.

How much space and power do you need?

As a general rule we need 3m x 5m to set our equipment up in. We can however, move things around to fit in non-standard spaces. We require 3 x 13amp sockets to provide power for all the equipment.

How much do you charge?

Please get in touch to discuss fee amounts. The fee can vary depending on travel costs etc. The band prides themselves on producing an exceptional live party experience including full PA and lighting system. Quality is central to everything and we aim to make your event very special. Cheap often means poor quality which can ruin your evening, although as a self-contained 4 piece our overheads are relatively low in comparison to larger acts allowing us to be competitive on fees.

What do you sound and look like live?

Naturally the first thing you are going to want to know is what we look and sound like when playing live! All the songs in the player on the website have been recorded live to give an accurate representation of what the band sound like live. No overdubs, extra tracking or backing instruments were used, so what you hear is what you’ll get live! We also upload live recordings from shows in our video section and on YouTube. Our feedback section has comments from lots of different clients we have played for, giving their honest opinion on watching us play live. While performing, we wear authentic vintage 1950's attire. We work really hard at creating a truly vintage experience right from our instruments and sound to our dress code.

What is the line-up for si’s Smokin Aces?

si’s Smokin Aces are a 4 piece Rock n Roll band who play completely live, incorporating guitar, bass, drums, lead and backing vocals. We've held the same lineup for over a decade since originally forming to support rockabilly legends Robb Storm & The Persuaders and industry recognised Shadows tribute The Runaways.The band go to great lengths to use authentic instruments and top of the range PA equipment and lighting to create the best possible live band experience.

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